There is something you want to experience but you are not sure where to go?

Come to us, our dominatrix escort service will take your experience beyond anything you have even imagined!

Welcome to our site!  If you are here is because you have seen, thought about, are curious about or just an expert, looking for someone who knows how to lead in a BDSM situation. If I am right our dominatrix specialist escort service can provide an unforgettable experience for you.

Our professional dominatrix will take the dominant role in bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism activities.

What is your level?

We are ready to help you explore yourself and what works for you. As we agree upon a “Safe word” you can trust all the session will turn in a great experience, this will also help you know how far you can go.

How to know who is the best dominatrix for you?

It depends on what you want as a submissive. If you are not sure what you want, you may try some of this:

In bondage your mistress can tie up your hands, arms and legs to restrain your movement as much as possible, this leaves you in a complete submission role. There you can gain pleasure from the feeling of the temporary transfer of control and power. This bondage may be used for its own sake or as the means to an end, making you more accessible for other fun and interesting activities.

You can also enjoy yourself being disciplined for breaking the rules. Our mistress will show you who is in control.  Our ladies will show you what is to be a good submissive, and they may even let you chose what will be your punishment: will you be silenced with a gag? Will you be caned on the buttocks? or slapped in the face? If you misbehave you will find out.

Gave up control completely by being blindfolded. During this experience your other senses will booster with each received stimulus, every inch of your body will feel the slightest touch, and the texture of every object placed against your skin. Being bonded and blindfolded will allow you to feel in the most extensive way the submissive experience. An ice cube going through all your sensitive areas; the rough riding crop sensation going through your back and buttocks will increase having your eyes blindfolded.

If what comes into your mind are feet, you can live your feet fetish too. Our mistresses might allow you to adore the feet you like so much. Touch them, kiss them, lick them, try shoes on them, you will be allowed to do it and delight yourself on the process.

In these sessions you can also be the slave who does everything asked by our lady. You can go through a “dog” training where you must do as she says or be punished.  Obey and gave her the control, the power over you.

What toys we may use in the sessions?

These sessions are completely designed for you and your pleasure. Our ladies are sexy, good looking and with strong character, they won´t think twice on making you do what has to be done. Their hot clothing will complete the scenery for the session: latex or leather catsuits, fishnet stockings, corsets, high heel stilettos and sexy lingerie, will join all kind of accessories: rope, metal handcuffs, latex, polish harness and cuffs, will be there to tie you up. If you prefer to be punished for being a “bad boy” there are leather lashes, spanking paddles and spanking rulers, floggers, feather ticklers, nipple clamps and riding crops. If what you like is to be blindfolded, there are all kind of blindfolds we can use to help the rest of your senses boost your experience.

How does it work?

First consult any doubts you have through our contact information section. We can decide where sessions will take place, but they also may be conducted in a dedicated professional play space designed by a specialist equipment known as the “dungeon”. Second we will decide when and how this experience will take place. What are your preferences, according to that we will proceed. Remember, all this activities are consensual. Some of our services are:

Dominatrix escort, all our ladies are ready to take charge of you; duo escort, for double pleasure; mature escort, we think on every desire, this experienced mistress will show you how this is really done.

Other services we provide are: corporal punishment, bondage, spanking, trampling, electro stimulation, salve training; feminization/forced feminization financial servitude & wish list, genital shaving, glove worship, suspension, humiliation, role play, kidnap scenarios, nipple play, mind control, medical role play, watersports, sensual tie and tease; shoe worship and boot worship, smoking fetish, adult baby/nappy fetish, when you desire to be treated like a baby; anal play; body worship, describe how beautiful your mistress is or enjoy a special part of her body; breath control, autoerotic asphyxiation; cock and ball play/ball busting, cock and ball torture by pulling, twisting or slapping these areas. If there is something you have thought of we do it.

We remove the “excuses” that stops you from living it up.

Some people may feel restrained from living or sharing this experience freely. That is the reason why our team is here for you. We can help you explore this side of your life, safely with professional dominatrix who will really know what they are doing. Why would you have to spend your entire life without discovering this side of pleasure? Thanks to our dominatrix escort service of there won´t be any more excuses to stop you from living what you secretly want.

We are completely discrete; the hiring process is private and the billing process too. In our web site you can search for the dominatrix that best suits the profile you are looking for.

Pleasure is a good reason to live for, what are you waiting for? Contact us to live all your fantasies we will take care of releasing the biggest pleasure you aim to feel!